Zelda Fairy Theme Improvisation

Made this a while back and thought I’d share it. This Zelda theme has been my favorite video game theme since I first heard it as a kid. The music is very simple, but definitely compelling and worth examination. Melodically and harmonically, it travels downward. As the melody meanders down it flirts with a #11 on every 4th note, creating very rich harmony in the first section, and a sort of melodic sweet spot. (Incidentally, the #11 interval has been my favorite chord extension for years. Pretty sure there’s a connection).

In the second section, it takes a turn upward before quickly returning down, still using #11’s every 4 notes until the final 8 note descent, where the pattern departs for one 4 note sequence but gives the ear a treat in the final 4, changing the sweet spot into a “blue note.” This adds a colorful tension and release with a b3 resolving to natural 3 on the final two notes.

Here are the changes I use:
Gm7 – C7#11 – Fmaj7 – Bbmaj7#11 – Em7b5 – A7alt – Dm7 – G7#11
Gm7 – C7#11 – Am7b5 – D7#11 – Gm7 – C7

Anyhow, I sort of send it through a gamut of different feels. Hope you enjoy it.