Casey Cameron is a versatile freelance composer with expertise in casual games, AAA blockbusters, and indie games. He also has game production experience with 2K Games, working on over twelve AAA titles including Bioshock 2, Mafia II, Civ V, and Borderlands.

Music Styles:
Jazz | Blues | Funk | Orchestral | Rock | Metal | Electronic | Pop | World | Ambient | R&B | Hip Hop | Many others

Game Genres:
Casino | Shooters | Sports | Puzzle | RPGs | Action/Adventure | Strategy | Sims | Casual | Indie | AAA

Notable Credits/Clients:
2K Sports (NBA 2K11 – 2K16)
Big Fish Games (Big Fish Casino)
Yager/2K Games (Spec Ops: The Line)

Casey is currently available for composition, sound design, and implementation work for games and other media. Please browse the Sounds, Videos, and Blog tabs above. You may contact him at the email below for more information.